At Blind Solutions Ltd, we place paramount importance on Child Safety, and strive to ensure all of your blinds have Child Safety features in place, to eliminate any potential hazards.



As we all know, children's curiosity is an inevitable thing that blossoms as they grow, and keeping them safe is one of our many challenges and highest priorities.

As with most products, window blinds can present dangerous opportunities to your little one's wellbeing, however there are measures and features that can minimise and eliminate the risk of these occurring. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on our blind safety. If you're worried about child safety in your home, come in store to talk more.



With present day developments, the majority of blinds that are now available are Safe by Design, meaning there are minimal risks to Child Safety.

They can be cordless, wand operated or motorised, eliminating the need for operating cords and chains. The majority of these blinds can be pushed or pulled into position, via tension cords within the blind, spring systems, or remote control operated. Examples include.