Whether you are trying to create a modern metal statement, or are looking for a natural subtle wood, we will help you find the best Curtain Pole for your windows!



Our metal poles are available in a range of colours and finishes, and in diameters ranging from 19mm up to 35mm, making them a sleek and stylish accessory to any window.

If you desire a more earthy and natural look, our wooden poles are also available in a variety of finishes and tones, with diameters from 28mm up to 50mm. Do you have a Bay Window? No problem! We have a range of poles that have been specifically designed to fit a bay area, and can provide the guidance to help you select your best option. Curtain Poles are designed to hang Pencil Pleat, Pinch Pleat and Eyelet Curtains.


Curtain Tracks are a great accessory to have for your curtains, as they allow for a minimalist look, whilst remaining efficient and affordable.

By selecting a track instead of a pole your curtains will sit close to the wall, and once the curtains are drawn, the track is hidden behind the header of your curtains, leaving a clean and neat finishing look. This allows your curtains to really stand out and make a statement, without the distraction of any fixtures or brackets. Bay Windows are not a problem for Curtain Tracks either! We are able to supply a Curved Curtain Track to follow the shape of your window’s bay, where they can elegantly glide when being maneuvered. Curtain Tracks are designed to hang Pencil Pleat and Pinch Pleat Curtains. Eyelet Curtains are not suitable for this accessory.


Finials are the perfect way to customise your Curtain Poles and can determine the style you wish to portray.

As mentioned above, the majority of our Pole sets include a standard Ball Finial to match your pole however we do also offer a range of statement Finials for that extra finishing touch. We have a variety of shaped Finials and ranges that include different textures, such as cracked mosaic or ribbed. If you are looking for that finishing touch, we have styles to suit everyone’s taste.


To further highlight the luxury and style of your curtains, you can tailor their shape and look using a matching or flattering Tie Back.

Tie Backs are a great accessory for curtains, by giving you the control over how they fall. They can be used to tame and gather the curtains, accentuating the views of your window. Also, they can be used to elegantly drape the curtain, to create a luxurious and chic shape, dressing your window beautifully. We offer a variety of options for Tie Backs, from co-ordinated them to your curtain fabric, to some stunning rope and tassel designs. To accommodate that, we also offer Tie Back Hooks in a wide range of colours and styles, adding a further decoration to your windows.