Pleated blinds are an excellent solution for the majority of rooms, as they are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes.

The pleated fabric used in this style of blind can be pulled up (or down) to the desired height and is neatly stacked once opened, allowing your views to be untarnished. The ideal location for these blinds are Conservatories, with many of the available fabrics featuring qualities such as 'Solar Protective Coating' and 'Energy & Solar Protected'. Still a little unsure? why not check out our showroom and visit us.



Pleated Blinds can be available in a variety of styles including....

• Freehang
• Fixed
• Perfect Fit
• Fixed Roof
• International Roof

Do you require easy access to your windows or doors? Why not put your Roller Blind into a Perfect Fit Frame? They are the perfect practical solution for the use of your windows and doors.



Pleated blinds are an attractive and versatile alternative to a Venetian or roller blind. Featuring slim top and bottom rails that draw up to the top of the window neatly when not in use, pleated blinds take up less room compared to other types of blind, while still granting a room a smart, muted shading effect.