Venetian Blinds can offer both a classic and contemporary style to your surroundings, and provide complete control of privacy and light.

The variety of materials, colours and accessories help to create a great addition to your home decor, whilst satisfying the needs of your home. With a Venetian Blind you are instantly able to alter the intensity of your lighting by adjusting the angle of the slat, finding the perfect level of privacy and shading for your room.


Subject to the window size, we can offer a motorised blind, allowing you to adjust its height from the comfort of your sofa!

Simple, convenient and easy to use, Motorised Blinds are operated by a sleek and stylish remote control that allows you to operate multiple blinds at a time, depending on your requirements. Do you require easy access to your windows or doors? Why not put your Roller Blind into a Perfect Fit Frame? They are the perfect practical solution for the use of your windows and doors. View the features that can be added to your blinds below.



Available in Wooden, Aluminium and Fauxwood slats, ranging in widths from 15mm up to 65mm there is a variation of this blind to suit you!

What is Fauxwood you ask? Faux wood Venetian Blinds have been designed for environments where high moisture may occur. By using a high-quality PVC, these blinds remain as rich and warm as a wooden Venetian without being manipulated by moisture. The perfect solution for a Bath or Shower room! There is a selection of coloured slats to choose from for all of our Venetians to co-ordinate with your decor.