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Child Safety

At Blind Solutions Ltd, we place paramount importance on Child Safety, and strive to ensure all of your blinds have Child Safety features in place, to eliminate any potential hazards. Every blind that we install are designed to be safe and by law, we are legally bound to ensure that all blinds fitted have Child Safety features in place, whether or not you have children in the home.  

Making it Safe

As we all know, children’s curiosity is an inevitable thing that blossoms as they grow, and keeping them safe is one of our many challenges and highest priorities.

As with most products, window blinds can present dangerous opportunities to your little one’s wellbeing, however there are measures and features that minimise and eliminate the risk of these occurring. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on our blind safety. If you’re worried about child safety in your home, we are more than happy to explain the features available in much more detail to help put your mind at ease and find the most suitable option for you!



With present day developments, the majority of blinds that are now available are Safe by Design, meaning there are minimal risks to Child Safety. When operating cords or chains are necessary to use the blind, we install cord tidy’s, break-away chain and safety cleats to ensure that no possibility of danger is left.¬†However for certain styles the operating cords and chains can be eliminated altogether, and replaced with an alternative operating option. Examples include:


Spring operated Roller Blinds that are operated by hand, meaning there is no need for cords or chains. By pulling the blind down slightly its height can be adjusted suitably. Find out more about our Roller Blinds, by clicking here.


Tensioned Pleated Blinds have cords which are held under tension and within the blind’s material, out of harms way. The blind is effortlessly pushed and pulled into position making them perfect for young children. For more on our Pleated Blinds, click here.


Shutters are both opened and closed by hand, leaving no cords or chains dangling. Meaning you can sit back and not have to worry for your child’s safety. Click here, to learn more about our range of Shutters.


Motorised Blinds are easy to operate and a brilliant choice for Child Safety. We can use battery operated motors, eliminating the risk that wires and cables are present, and they are operated via a sleek remote control. To learn more about Motorised Blinds, click here.


Wand operated Vertical Blinds are pushed and pulled into place using the wand, and the louvres can be tilted and turned by a simple twist of the wand. You can go one step further and switch to Gravity Weights along the bottom of your Vertical Blinds! These weights have a design feature to keep them situated within each louvre, without the need for connecting chains and clips. Learn more about Vertical Blinds here.


Perfect Fit Blinds are excellent if Child Safety is a priority. These blinds simply click into place and are operated by hand, to be pulled into position. No cords or chains necessary, and no drilling or screws needed! To find out more, click here.

If you would like to learn more about Child Safety in window dressing, the BBSA (British Blind & Shutter Association) launched a campaign in 2009 to raise awareness for safer blinds throughout homes and in public places. To learn more about this campaign, click this here to visit their page!


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