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Pleated & Cellular blinds

Pleated & Cellular blinds are an excellent solution for the majority of rooms, as they are available in various styles, shapes and sizes. The pleated fabric used in this style of blind can be pulled up (or down) to the desired height, and is neatly stacked once opened, allowing your views to be untarnished.  

Solar Protective Coating

Many of the available fabrics for this range feature qualities such as ‘Solar Protective Coating’ and ‘Energy & Solar Protected’ to help deflect the sun’s UV rays.

The incredibly efficient Cellular blinds also help to keep energy costs down, with their unique honeycomb structure creating a thermal barrier between the room and window to provide additional insulation. The honeycomb effect also gives a neat and flawless finish to make your blinds look sleek and tidy. These fabrics are brilliant for reducing heat loss (and energy bills!) and keeping spaces warm.

Pleated and Cellular fabrics hold so many varying qualities that they are suitable for rooms throughout your home! Most idyllic setting for these blinds would be Conservatories, Roofs and Skylight Windows. We can also offer a Telescopic Operating Wand to make life that much easier!

Pleated and Cellular are the most popular options to go within our Perfect Fit Frames. Click here to learn more about Perfect Fit Blinds!


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