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Shutters are a timeless and truly stunning addition to your home. Becoming one of the most popular and sought-after solutions for windows, they also add an additional investment to your property. A perfect style for families with children, as they have no cords or chains making them 100% Child Safe.

Timeless and Classic Style

Creating a neat structure to your window, they provide an extra barrier to insulate the home and retain the heat within and help to reduce outside noise.

Our range of Urban Shutters are manufactured of a polysilk vinyl material and are built to resist the damaging effects of moisture and humidity, making them an idyllic choice for Bathrooms, Kitchens and Utilities! The durability of Urban Shutters makes them a front runner for today’s busy lifestyles. They will never require painting or staining as the colour is embedded into the shutter itself. Everyday scratches ad dents will not impact the colour or finish, and minor scratches can simply be sanded out. This range of Shutter is manufactured in the UK and has a quick turnaround in under 4 weeks!

We also offer the Austin Range, solid wood shutters which are skilfully handmade by quality craftsmen. Finished to the highest of standards and achieving a depth of coating and quality of finish, bright vivid tones and subtle cool finishes are available to choose from in this range. Transform your home with the luxury and elegance of a real wood shutter.

Please read our descriptions below to find the style that best suits your needs.

Full Height Shutters are designed to dress the full length of your windows. This style provides a stylish feature to your home whilst remaining functional.

Cafe Style Shutters are perfect for rooms where total privacy is not required. They are fitted to the lower section of your window creating an open and light atmosphere.

Tier on Tier Shutters use two sets of shutters mounted upon one another. This option is great for being able to control light and privacy as each tier is operated independently, and you can open/close each half individually giving you ultimate control.

Transform your home today with our stunning selection of made to measure frames and door styles to suit any room and any style.


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